Announcing the Winners of the High Times Cannabis Cup Michigan:

Michigan’s hottest cannabis products won out in this year’s People’s Choice competition.

Welcome one and all, to the return of our beloved High Times Cannabis Cup Michigan: People’s Choice Edition 2023! This year marks the fourth year we’ve set up a People’s Choice Edition competition in Michigan, and this most recent winner’s list shows off the thrilling reveal that you’ve all been waiting for. With a massive 21-category breakdown this year, we’re proud to display the winners as determined by our Michigan judges.

Medical Edibles

First Place: Dream Edibles – Dark Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Caramel 2x100mg

Courtesy Dream Edibles

Second Place: Covert Cups – Peanut Butter Cups

Courtesy Covert Cups

Third Place: True North Collective – Sweet Summer Peach THC Gummies

Courtesy True North Collective

Medical Concentrates

First Place: Element x Kai Cannabis – Black Cherry Punch Live Rosin

Courtesy Element

Second Place: Motor City Melts – Minties Rosin

Courtesy Motor City Melts

Third Place: Petro – Ice Cream Cake Live Rosin

Courtesy of @xposedextracts

Medical Infused Pre-Rolls

First Place: Holey Cannoli – Jealousy x Garlic Cookies Infused Pre-Roll

Courtesy Holey Cannoli

Second Place: Element x Pro Gro – Sherb Cream Pie Live Resin Joint

Courtesy Element

Third Place: Ghostbudsters – Crypto Bites Mini Infused Pre-Roll Pack

Courtesy Ghostbudsters

Medical Non-Infused Pre-Rolls

First Place: LocalGrove – Runtz Pre-Roll

Courtesy LocalGrove

Second Place: Uplyfted – Greazy Runtz Pre-Roll

Courtesy Uplyfted

Third Place: High Minded – Sour Sunset Sherbet Pre-Roll

Courtesy High Minded

Medical Hybrid Flower

First Place: New Lyfe – Gogurtz

Courtesy New Lyfe

Second Place: Heavyweight Heads – Wet P

Courtesy Heavyweight Heads

Third Place: Happy Little Tree Co. – Dog Walker OG

Courtesy Happy Little Tree

Medical Sativa Flower

First Place: Dutch Touch Genetics – Mr. Clean

Courtesy Dutch Touch Genetics

Second Place: Leilani Bee – Lemon Mai Tai

Courtesy Leilani Bee

Third Place: Heavyweight Heads – Lion Order King Clementine

Courtesy Heavyweight Heads

Medical Indica Flower

First Place: MI Loud Farms – Kush Mints

Courtesy MI Loud Farms

Second Place: Heavyweight Heads – Giraffe Head

Courtesy Heavyweight Heads

Third Place: Doghouse – Garlato

Courtesy Doghouse

AU Topicals + Tinctures + Capsules + Sublinguals

First Place: Mary’s Medicinals – 1:1 CBD:THC Transdermal Patch

Courtesy Mary’s Medicinals

Second Place: Heavyweight Heads – Lion Order by Rohan Marley Lion Balm

Courtesy Heavyweight Heads

Third Place: Northern Connections – Extra Strength 1:1 Topical Relief Cream

Courtesy Northern Connections

AU Edibles: Non-Gummies

First Place: Kiva – Churro Milk Chocolate Bar 200mg

Courtesy Kiva

Second Place: Dope Cakes – Peanut Butter Dope Dough

Courtesy Dope Cakes

Third Place: Potdots – Sugar Shelled THC-Infused Milk Chocolates

Courtesy Potdots

AU Edibles: Non-Solvent Gummies

First Place: FloraCal – Pink Lemonade Live Rosin Gummies

Courtesy FloraCal

Second Place: Afternoon Delite – Blue Lemonade Hash Rosin Gummies

Courtesy Afternoon Delite

Third Place: MKX x North Coast x Pressure Pack – Strawberry Lemon Live Hash Rosin Gummies

Courtesy MKX

AU Edibles: Solvent Gummies

First Place: Afternoon Delite – Blue Lemonade Crunch Gummies

Courtesy Afternoon Delite

Second Place: Dixie – Fast-Acting Juicy Punch Gummies

Courtesy Dixie

Third Place: True North Collective – Strawberry Lemonade THC Gummies

Courtesy True North Collective

AU Non-Distillate Vapes

First Place: Element Pure Live x Pro Gro – Lunar Lemon Live Resin Cart

Courtesy Element Pure Live

Second Place: North Coast – Gelonade Hash Rosin Vape Pod

Courtesy North Coast

Third Place: Five Star Extracts – Black Cherry Trop Nug Run Sugar Sauce Vape

Courtesy Five Star Extracts

AU Distillate Vapes

First Place: Workers Cannabis – Unicorn Piss Vape

Courtesy Workers Cannabis

Second Place: North Cannabis Co – Traverse City Cherry Punch Cart

Courtesy North Cannabis Co

Third Place: Church x Local Grove – Nitroux Vape

Courtesy Church

AU Non-Solvent Concentrates

First Place: Pressure Pack x North Coast – Blue Zorbet Hash Rosin

Courtesy Pressure Pack

Second Place: LightSky Farms – Grape Breath Live Rosin

Courtesy LightSky Farms

Third Place: Society C – Pastries Live Rosin

Courtesy Society C

AU Solvent Concentrates

First Place: HumbleBee x Exotic Matter – Papaya Live Resin

Courtesy HumbleBee

Second Place: Cannabee Extracts – Tahitian Sunset Terp Diamonds

Courtesy Cannabee Extracts

Third Place: Element x Pro Gro – Sherb Cream Pie Live Resin

Courtesy Element

AU Infused Pre-Rolls

First Place: North Coast x Pressure Pack – Lemon Rain Infused Donut Pre-Roll

Courtesy North Coast

Second Place: Uplyfted – Grape Gas Bubble Hash Infused Pre-Roll

Courtesy Uplyfted

Third Place: Crude Boys – King Kong Black Widow Infused Pre-Roll

Courtesy Crude Boys

AU Non-Infused Pre-Rolls

First Place: North Coast x Pressure Pack – Permanent Marker 2g Cannon

Courtesy North Coast

Second Place: Uplyfted – Super Runtz Pre-Roll

Courtesy Uplyfted

Third Place: LocalGrove – Ice Cream Cake Pre-Roll

Courtesy LocalGrove

AU Infused Flower + Moonrocks

First Place: Crude Boys – Hans Solo Funk Frosted Buds

Courtesy Crude Boys

Second Place: Cannabee Extracts – Laughing Gas Moonrocks

Courtesy Cannabee Extracts

Third Place: Freshy Fine – Motorbreath Moonrocks

Courtesy Freshy Fine

AU Hybrid Flower

First Place: MI Loud Farms – Garlic Cocktail

Courtesy MI Loud Farms

Second Place: Stone Depot – Cap Junky

Courtesy Stone Depot

Third Place: Pro Gro – Moonbow #12

Courtesy Pro Gro

AU Sativa Flower

First Place: High Level Health – Blue Skunk

Courtesy High Level Health

Second Place: Pressure Pack – Orange Bomb

Courtesy Pressure Pack

Third Place: LocalGrove – Black Marshmallow

Courtesy LocalGrove

AU Indica Flower

First Place: Society C – Spritzer

Courtesy Society C

Second Place: Higher Love – Tokyo Drip

Courtesy Higher Love

Third Place: LocalGrove – Count Chunkula

Courtesy LocalGrove

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